About us

We started the Black Lagoon in 2005 as a tiny little Blogger site where we could write about horror movies. Since then, it’s grown into the site you see today, now boasting a podcast, a blog and in-depth reviews of hundreds of cult, horror and weird movies.

Our aim today is the same as when we started the site: to provide detailed and open-minded critical reviews of films that other critics may overlook. Our semi-regular podcast follows the same principle; each show features an in-depth roundtable discussion of three different but linked movies.

We’re always keen to hear from readers and get your recommendations for the films we should be covering on the site. There are several ways you can connect with the Black Lagoon; you can leave us a comment, send an email to hello@blacklagoon.info, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook. Enjoy the site, and we hope to hear from you!

Matt Nida & Carl Swift